Rizk Ventures and Goldman Sachs form joint venture to invest in healthcare real estate in Colombia

Klaus Lederer and Geoff Rizk, Managing Partners of Rizk Ventures, have established Rizk Ventures Colombia in order to pursue investment opportunities in the country of Colombia. Specifically, Rizk Ventures is utilizing a sale-leaseback financial structure to bring capital to certain economic sectors in Colombia including real estate, construction, healthcare, infrastructure, and finance.

Over a period of years, Rizk Ventures, led by Geoff Rizk and Klaus Lederer, has established relationships with key market players in each of the economic sectors of interest to Rizk Ventures, and these investment opportunities are in part, a result of such relationships.

In the healthcare sector, Rizk Ventures has recognized that the Colombian healthcare system covers over 95% of the population in Colombia and provides excellent, modern healthcare services. Nevertheless, there continues to be a need to invest additional capital into the healthcare system to support growth including expanding the number of beds either through construction of new hospitals or the expansion of existing hospitals.

While Rizk Ventures Colombia’s initial focus was on the healthcare sector, it has expanded the platform to include non-healthcare related real estate, construction, and infrastructure as well.

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