Empowering Founders is the Core of Our Business

At Rizk Ventures, we empower entrepreneurs and build thriving businesses utilizing technology. With a deep history of success launching and operating innovative businesses across several verticals, Rizk Ventures is a unique firm, crafted by founders, for founders.

A Legacy of Success Across Multiple Industries

We have forged a repeatable pattern of success by pinpointing legacy inefficiencies within key industries, and building strong, innovative, and sustainable technology businesses from the ground up.

Our methodology has been honed over decades and has proven transformative across multiple verticals, including:

Real Estate
& Prop Tech


Supply Chain
& Logistics

- Real Estate & Prop Tech

- Healthcare

- Supply Chain & Logistics

LaunchTech Program | Targeted Industries


Rizk Ventures has built upon its experience in the technology space.

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Prop Tech / Real Estate

Technology will keep changing how we invest in real estate.

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Rizk Ventures has deep expertise in the healthcare industry.

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Rizk Ventures
LaunchTech Program:

Identifying Operators, Harnessing Ambition and Ensuring Success

We understand what is needed to build strong, generational businesses and seek operators with the vision to drive disruptive change.

Rizk Venture’s LaunchTech Program is designed to take advantage of our strengths by arming our founders with the tools needed for unprecedented competitive advantage within their industry. In a rapidly evolving market, we identify the white spaces and nascent opportunities where our experience and core competencies can be leveraged to create powerful companies.

We harness our experience as founders, investors and business leaders to help our operators drive success, and engage our deep network of industry leaders to accelerate growth for our LaunchTech companies. LaunchTech is built to provide mission critical strategy, technology, infrastructure, business process optimization, and networks to streamline growth. We work closely with each of our LaunchTech business operators to cultivate success.

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