Operation Game On announces launch of new combat wounded women veterans golf programs exclusively for women wounded veterans

Rancho Santa Fe, CA –Operation Game On, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, will be adding a new program exclusively for Wounded Women Veterans called Combat Wounded Women Veterans Golf. “The first class is scheduled to launch on September 6, 2016 at The Del Mar Golf Center”, announces Tony Perez, Founder of Operation Game On.

The Women Veterans will receive eight weeks of free golf lessons by PGA Certified Instructors, a custom fitting session at Taylor Made’sThe Kingdom, a full set of golf clubs, golf bags, Adidas golf shoes and apparel. Then return for another eight weeks for more advanced lessons. This program may be the first of its kind exclusively for Wounded Women Veterans and will start with eight Veterans.

Mission: To provide golf as a form of rehabilitation for returning combat injured troops, both active military and Veterans, suffering from severe physical and mental disabilities sustained during OIF/OEF.

Background on Operation Game On (OGO): OGO was launched in 2008 to use golf as avehicle to help combat injured veterans, mostly in the San Diego area, rehabilitate both mentally and physically and start enjoying life again. Since launch, OGO has helped over 400 active military and Veterans, several of whom have credited OGO for preventing them from committing suicide.

Tony Perez is the Founder/President of OGO, a Vietnam War Veteran. Tony’s track record demonstrates his unwavering commitment to maximizing the benefit of each dollar raised to help combat injured men and women Veterans.

Outcome: OGO has proven that combat injured troops have regained the confidence for an active lifestyle and has also created a social environment amongst the troops with new found friendships. Golf has proven to be an effective form of rehabilitation. It’s good for the mind andthe body and it allows combat injured troops to compete, laugh, relax, focus, and challenge their muscles outside of regular PT. It gives them hope of a clearer future after their tragic injuries and experiences of war.

Source: Operation Game On

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